Books on recycling and saving energy


(picture from Storytime Standouts)

Books are a great way for children to learn about environment, also, they are also entertaining, and educational, and at Golden Garden Elementary School, we encourage reading, and we encourage the green thinking, which means thinking about the environment and how to save it and keep it clean.

Therefore, we at GGES found a website that recommend top 10 books on recycling and saving energy that we are sure that they will be entertaining for our students.

Please visit the link to take you to Storytime Standouts, to view the top ten books: http://www.storytimestandouts.com/environment-picture-books-children/


Recycling, is worth it or not?


Recycling is an issue that the government and Golden Garden Elementary School are focusing on. However, how much recycling is actually benefit our earth, and is it worth it? This is a question worth to be asked, and we found an article in Conserve Energy Future, that will answer this question. So, please visit the link below and read the article that is called “Are Benefits of Recycling Worth All The Effort?”

The link to the website: http://www.conserve-energy-future.com/benefits-of-recycling.php


Arts & Crafts


Keeping our earth clean and save should be a priority for us, and in Golden Garden Elementary School we emphasise this message a lot as our slogan is “Working together to keep our environment clean.” And to support the cause, we found this really entertaining website that offer a collection of planet earth where kids can recreate them, and the parents can participate in make them too, which makes it a fun and enlightening experience .

visit the website to view the page: http://www.inlieuofpreschool.com/planet-earth-crafts/


7 Tips to save energy

Previously we mad a podcast explaining in one minute how to save energy, however, writing the tips down and providing a short explanation can be helpful too.

Here are some tips to help the students of Golden Garden Elementary School to save energy.

1- the most important thing is to turn off the lights when they are not needed. Turn off your room lights,your bathroom lights, the living room or any other room you are not using.

2- When there is sun, open the curtains instead of the lights because some people just keep the light opened day and night and this is not good. Moreover, the natural light will brighten your room better and will give it another feeling to it.

3- Don’t use the air conditioner a lot in the winter because air conditioners release some toxic gases that harm the environment and make the Ozone hole bigger which increase the global warming.

4- Governments should use more solar energy since it is available most of the year in UAE.

5- Using rechargeable batteries is better than using disposable batteries.

6- Use energy saving light bulbs.

7- Open the windows to renew the air in the house instead of using the AC.

These are 7 tips on saving energy that we believe that children can start applying them at home, and with the help and the support of the parents at home, and the teachers at school, the students will be on the right path to secure a better environment.

To listen to the podcast, please click on the link: https://mooni93.wordpress.com/saving-energy/